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Beat Blue Monday

Lucky Saint Case of Beers

Today has been branded ‘Blue Monday’, supposedly the saddest day of the year. But here at Lucky Saint, we believe in a different kind of blue – the mood-boosting blue of our signature boxes and bottles, embossed with a lucky ladybird, keeping spirits high and ABV low. Read on for a few simple ways to kick-start the senses and show Blue Monday who’s boss.


Whether it’s a walk in your local park, an online yoga class or a jog around the block, moving your body increases endorphins, dopamine and adrenaline associated with feeling happy. And if you’ve trained hard, alcohol-free beer is said to contain the minerals lost through sweating and help with muscle recovery. 

Lucky Saint Drank Whilst Walking


Cooking is a great cure for restlessness, and with all this extra time on our hands, an afternoon getting creative in the kitchen is an afternoon well spent. Head to our blog where you can find everything from a Lucky Saint & Walnut Loaf recipe, to extracts from Dishoom’s cookbook, to a Jamie Oliver-inspired Beer-Battered Cod

Lucky Saint with a loaf of bread



We love Empire’s Lockdown Survival Kit list, brimming with recommendations for feel-good films and the best bingeable shows to snuggle inside with. Settle on the sofa with a cold bottle of Lucky Saint, your favourite cinema snacks and a movie marathon.

Drinking lucky Saint in front of TV



Dive into Stylist’s list of positive podcasts to help get you through 2021. Covering everything from the science of happiness, health and wellness tips, empowering interviews on mental health and conversations with comedians, this is your audible tool kit for busting the January blues. 

Podcasts to help spread positivity in 2021

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