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Faith In...Hiut Denim Co

Hiut Denim Co, brands we love
We believe in doing one thing brilliantly. Crafting a single product to perfection, as has always been our ambition with Lucky Saint. Over the next few months we'll be shining a light on brands we love, who share this core belief.⁠

First in line is Hiut Denim.⁠

In their own words, ‘we make the best jeans we can, not the most.’ Hiut Denim is based in Wales, in the small town of Cardigan - the hometown of co-founders David Hiett and Claire Hiett, and the birthplace of Britain’s biggest jean factory. ⁠

For three decades, 400 townsfolk would manufacture 35,000 pairs of jeans per week. But in 2001, the factory closed and the manufacturers moved on, leaving all the expertise, skill and jean-making mastery behind. That’s why Hiut Denim Co was created - to bring the craft back to Cardigan, where it belongs, and give 400 people their jobs back. ⁠

With a 41-stage process of jean manufacturing, Hiut Denim vows for 41 stages of excellence. Their aim is to produce the best quality denim, cut with an expert eye and sewed by their ‘Grand Masters’. ⁠

They only sell unwashed raw denim, because the longer you leave your jeans unwashed, the more beautiful your jeans will become. And when you finally do wash them, you’ll own an entirely unique, superior pair of jeans - created by masters of the craft from a town that does one thing brilliantly.

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