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Welcome to team Lucky Saint and our journey to help drinkers renounce nothing and taste everything.  We are delighted to have you here and can’t wait for you to become part of our brilliant team.   We know you’re going to fit right in, helping us become the world’s most defining alcohol-free beer brand.   

This Handbook sets out information you need to know about your employment with us. Like most enterprises we have a framework of values and policies which make it easy to understand what Lucky Saint expects and asks of you, and what you should expect from Lucky Saint in return.   

This guide doesn’t set out every single policy, just the most significant ones. Do make sure that you ask your Manager if there is any other guidance that’s relevant to your job which isn’t in here.   

This guide is separate from your employment contract. This guide is not a contractual document, so the content of it can be changed or removed from time to time as Lucky Saint sees fit. If there is any difference between information in your employment contract, or this guide, your employment contract comes first.   

As this handbook is updated, we will let you know of any changes.    

If you have any queries about any of the content in this guide, or about anything else, please do ask your Manager for advice.   

 Your Handbook  

You can use this Handbook to find out about the practices, policies and procedures that apply to you when you work at Lucky Saint.  

The Handbook:   

  • as been prepared for your information.   
  • outlines various practices, policies and procedures that affect all staff — we believe they are fair and are necessary for our organisation to run efficiently.   

This is the definitive version of this Handbook, it’s not kept in some locked filing system at the office. You should read the Handbook carefully alongside your Contract of Employment (called your “Contract”). You need to keep both for future reference.     What is in here you need to know  

The Handbook is divided in to four sections (and this Overview). The Sections contains background information about Lucky Saint; explains a number of our working practices and rules; sets out our procedures and policies about dealing with Grievance, Disciplinary, Absence and Dismissal matters, and Appeals; and sets out our procedures and policies about various other matters inc. Health & Safety that may come up during your employment.   

 Is this stuff contractually binding?  

Generally, we will apply the procedures and policies in the Handbook. However, we are not contractually bound to do so. You need to make sure that you follow the rules that apply to you.   

Have your say  

We welcome your comments. If you have any comments, then please contact the Head of People & Culture.  


Lucky Saint believes its employees are its greatest asset and recognises its responsibility to ensure they are afforded appropriate development throughout their employment.  This development begins at the Onboarding stage when a new employee joins.     

Our aim is to support and develop employees in their role so that they feel confident to undertake the responsibilities placed upon them and ultimately are able to contribute to the success of the organisation.  

Your going to spend some time getting into your role so to start with you’ll go through a lovely Welcome spread over your first two weeks. The content and duration of the onboarding journey will be dependent on the scope and complexity of your job, and your line manager will outline this in detail to you on your first day with us. Copies of your induction checklist will be made available to you by your manager on your first day with us.  

Personal Details, Home Address and Next of Kin 

It is important that our records are correct, as inaccurate, or out of date information may affect your salary or cause difficulties in situations where contact is required for emergencies. You must notify your Line Manager immediately of all changes in the following personal information:    

  • Name
  • Home address  
  • Telephone number  
  • Bank account details  
  • Examinations passed/qualifications gained  
  • Emergency contact  
  • Driving licence penalties (if you are required to drive on Company business)  
  • Criminal charge, caution, or conviction  
  • Conflict, or potential conflict of interest  

Personal data on employees is held in accordance with the provisions of Lucky Saint’s Data Protection Policy which will be made available for inspection by you if required.  

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All new staff are subject to a probationary period of **6 months. An initial informal review will take place after **3 months with your line manager, with a formal review after **6 months. Your appointment will be confirmed on satisfactory completion of the **6 month period. During this probationary period you will be given appropriate support and development opportunity to help you reach the required standards. Extension of the probationary period may be granted to enable the required standards to be achieved, but failure to do so could result in termination of your employment.


Lucky Saint aims to provide training opportunities which will provide:   

An Onboarding programme which all staff will be required to undertake and will assist staff settling into their new role/job.  

A progressive training and development scheme to enable staff to develop, relevant skills and acquire knowledge to underpin their current role and career aspirations.   

Personal Development Planning**  


Lucky Saint has a Personal Development Planning Scheme. The aims and purposes of the Scheme are:  

To help managers and staff to make effective arrangements to identify and meet learning needs.   

To develop the skills, knowledge, values and behaviour that staff need to do their current jobs well   

PDP - The Process  

There are 3 stages in the process:  

  • Preparation – where you and your manager prepare separately for the interview using the appropriate documentation.  
  • The Personal Development Plan Discussion – where a personal development plan is agreed by you and your manager.  
  • Monitor & Review – the method and timescale for monitoring should be agreed at the discussion stage and implemented throughout the year.  

The Personal Development Planning documentation is available from your line manager.  


Leaving Lucky Saint

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