alcohol-free occasions

Alcohol-free Occasions


  alcohol-free occasions

You don't have to be fully off the booze to choose alcohol-free beer. In fact, as Lucky Saint founder Luke recently commented in The Observer, "the much bigger growth in the category is coming from people who want to moderate to some extent. It’s the flexitarian approach to alcohol.”


Whether you're pledging weekdays off alcohol or just drinking more mindfully, there are many occasions where swapping a full-strength beer for Lucky Saint could be the right choice for you.


We all have our moments when the craving kicks in – the first signs of sunshine, after a long day at work, with your favourite takeaway, or after a workout – where there’s nothing quite as satisfying than that first, long sip of a crisp lager. 


But if you’re having a lunchtime pint then heading back to the office, drinking with dinner the night before an early alarm, or enjoying beers in between training for a physical challenge, the after-effect of alcohol may start to take its toll. Then there's the times when you just don't fancy drinking, but you're at the pub, or a party, or meeting a mate for a beer, and want to feel included. 


Cue, Lucky Saint. Full in body and flavour, and providing the full dopamine hit of a great-tasting beer, our alcohol-free lager is the answer to those moments. Enjoy a midday drink in the sun followed by a productive day at work, wake up feeling fresh after a night on the beers, and run that 5k, 10k or half marathon with ease. Bring a few bottles along to session on while you socialise, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be skipping the hangover. Cure the craving, without remorse.