A few years ago, Lucky Saint’s Founder, Luke, had a thought: what if all the occasions on which we drink beer could come with, or without alcohol. Alcohol-free beer was nothing new, but great tasting alcohol-free beer? That would be a revelation. 

After two years working with several breweries across Europe, Luke still hadn’t been able to brew a beer that he really believed in. Until...he approached a 400-year-old brewery steeped in history. To his surprise they replied within minutes. There was only one thing for it, he booked his tickets and boarded a flight to Bavaria.

B a v a r i a   B o u n d


Heritage Brewing

As he approached the brewery, Luke was immediately struck by the imposing Bavarian architecture. But behind these traditional buildings lay a modern brewery, producing the highest quality lager in accordance with Reinheitsgebot, the German purity law.

The Fist Slam

Luke met with the Brewery Owner (who was wearing his drinking trousers - it was Friday after all) and painted his vision - to finally reward those who aren’t drinking with the beer they deserve. When he was finished, the Owner slammed his fist on the table - he loved it.

The Eureka Moment

After months of travelling back and forth from Germany, brewing 60,000 litres of beer, Luke got a call from the Brewmaster. He had something new to show Luke, a beer that had been left unfiltered. Poured fresh from the tank, hazy and golden, Luke took a sip. That was it - the beer he had been searching for.

Blessed Be Thy Name

It was time to choose a name. Two words
summed up Luke's journey:

[luhk-ee] adjective

acknowledging the luck it takes to get a great idea off the ground


[seynt] noun

a wry nod to the virtuousness of drinking alcohol-free


A Sign of Good Fortune

At Lucky Saint, one of our mantras is that fortune favours the brave (and the hardworking). That’s why we adorn each of our bottles with a centuries-old sign of good luck, our golden ladybird.

Praise the Haze

Five years after the launch of our Superior Unfiltered Lager, we proudly launched our Superior Hazy IPA.

Juicy and hazy with notes of tropical and stone fruits, our brand-new IPA is brewed with Pale Malts and New World Hops to create a balanced beer.

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#1 and Beyond

Lucky Saint is now the UK's #1 independent alcohol-free beer. We can't wait to see where the future takes us.