Beer and Food: The Holy Grail

Beer and Food: The Holy Grail

Golden in colour, holy in flavour: our crisp, citrus lager pairs perfectly with a variety of dishes. We turned to the experts to guide your food and pilsner pairing. 

Luke Boase

- Lucky Saint founder

I’m a devotee of Honest Burgers, the birthplace of our beer. I love to try the local special, but a heavenly pairing is the original Honest, rosemary salted fries, and a cold Lucky Saint served in a dimpled half pint mug. 

Another favourite is a cold pint of Lucky Saint at The Wigmore with almonds and candied orange. We developed this bar snack ourselves, to pair with the citrus, biscuit malt notes in our lager.



Mark Dredge

- Beer writer, Sunday Brunch regular and author of ‘Beer & Food Matching’ 

It may be a cliche to drink pilsner with pizza or curry, but the reality is that no beer is better than lager! It's able to balance stronger flavours while not overpowering delicate ones. A refreshing sidekick to all things savoury.

Kimchi fried rice is the dish I eat most often with a Lucky Saint. I'm usually always in training for a marathon or ultramarathon, and my go-to meal the night before a long run is kimchi fried rice, which I always have with a Lucky Saint. They work so well together, with the beer's sweeter malts refreshing the spicy, tangy kimchi. And Lucky Saint will usually be the first beer I drink after the run the following day. 

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Emma Denney

- Certified Sommelier with the Court of Master Sommeliers, currently working at Davies & Brook (1* Michelin restaurant in Claridges Hotel). She also has a wine Youtube Channel.

At home, I'd pair a bottle of lucky Saint with some spicy oven-roasted chickpeas,  tossed with some chilli, cumin and smoked paprika. The citrus aromas and the slight honeyed sweetness of a Lucky Saint would lift the flavour of the chickpeas, while the crisp finish would soften the spice. 


From our Davies and Brooks menu I would pair it with our CFC - Claridges Fried Chicken. Rich and decadent, the chicken is dipped in buttermilk and double-fried. Lucky Saint’s refreshing flavour makes a wonderful palate cleanser between bites, and its warm malt aromas and crisp finish help to balance the spicy paprika and espelette pepper seasoning.


Helen Anne Smith

- Founder and lead writer for The Burum Collective; a community blog and inclusive networking space where you can meet others within beer, wine and cider.

Lunch is my favourite meal of the day, made even better with an alcohol-free beer when working from home. This week I paired a Lucky Saint pilsner with an olive oil drizzled sourdough baguette filled with tuna, rocket, chopped olives and pink pickled onions from my favourite local cafe, Hard Lines in Cardiff.


The carbonation and citrus cuts through the fattiness of the fish and the olive oil, but stands up to the pink pickled onions. The pilsner malt and well rounded body work in harmony with the sourdough baguette. It tasted like sitting on the seafront with a loved one on a windy day, wrapped up warm, sharing a greasy parcel from the chippy, sipping bottles of lager from the off license. 


Oliver Coningham

Vegan drinks and food writer for Vegan Life Magazine, and creator of Fork & Carrot; a vegan beer and food pairing website.

I paired Lucky Saint with vegan sushi rolls! These nori rolls were full of sticky sushi rice, crunchy cucumber, fresh red pepper and roasted sweet potatoes. Wrapped up with sweet chilli sauce, gluten-free tamari soya sauce and black sesame seeds.

For me, it's a perfect combination. The soft, biscuity, almost bready malts of this lager complements the sweet nuttiness of the seaweed, rice and sesame seeds. Meanwhile, the citrus hop notes act like the umeboshi paste usually found in sushi adding a fresh, zesty flavour.


Sinéad Kennard

- Lucky Saint Sales Executive, beer enthusiast and the creator of this blog.

I love to drink Lucky Saint with absolutely anything by Bosh. My go to is their Tofu Satay Kebabs from their Speedy Bosh cookbook. To me this is the perfect pairing. Neither beer or dish overpower each other, both are light, refreshing and I can always go back for more! The tang in the satay sauce balances nicely by the beer’s carbonation. It also works well with almond instead of peanut butter.


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