Earth Day 2022: Sustainability As Second Nature

Earth Day 2022: Sustainability As Second Nature


Celebrating Our B Corp Submission  


At Lucky Saint, our purpose is to inspire the world to drink better. And as we learned with our mental health commitments, we can also use our platform to inspire the world to live better.    

This Earth Day, we are celebrating the submission of our B Corp application. We are not the first brand to do this, and we certainly will not be the last. However, it represents something at the core of Lucky Saint – doing the right thing always and doing it well. 

For those unfamiliar with B Corp, it is a growing movement of like-minded brands that do business differently. From how we make our products to how we treat our employees. And everything in-between. Placing the planet, and its people, on the same level as profit. 

Making sustainability second nature is central to our strategy, and as such, we wanted to share a few initiatives have been working on. 



Keen to move Lucky Saint packaging to 100% recycled cardboard; we tested new recycled options with remarkable success.  
Therefore, we will move our bottle e-commerce boxes to 100% recycled cardboard by September 2022 (with a three-month lead time on orders as standard). 


Lucky Saint has accounted for the carbon footprint of all of our core business operations. Outside of beer production, Lucky Saint as a business emitted 332.03 tCO2e of carbon, so we partnered with Earthly to remove 110% of this and become climate positive.  
As a result, Lucky Saint support three amazing Earthly projects – their Brazil Nut Concessions in Madre de Dios, Mai Ndombe and Eden's Mangrove planting in Madagascar.  
We’ve already kicked off work on quantifying the impact of our supply chain more to follow on this soon.  


As well as bettering ourselves at work, Team Lucky Saint has vowed to take their eco pledges home. From cycling into the office to not buying anything new in 2022 (excluding essentials) – the team have committed to decreasing their contribution to climate change.  
Read more of our eco pledges on LinkedIn here. 
Interested in finding out more about B Corp, please head to their website here.