Lucky Saint is the Official Beer of Dry January

Lucky Saint Is The Official Beer of Dry January

Dry January

We are delighted to be the UK’s first-ever Official Beer of Dry January in partnership with Alcohol Change UK - the charity behind this beloved cultural phenomenon.

It might be a New Year's resolution. It might be a health kick. Whatever the reason for taking part in Dry January, we are on hand to make sure you can still enjoy the reward of a hard-earned drink in January. Available whenever or however you need it, Lucky Saint will be on draught at your local pub, in bottles and cans in restaurants and at the supermarket – and delivered free straight to your home.

With more than 6.5 million people estimated to take part in Dry January in 2022, we will support social occasions throughout the month, meaning you can still catch up with friends at the pub and enjoy a beer together after a long day at work.

Our founder, Luke Boase, said, “At Lucky Saint, we believe that the greatest reward of drinking is the social connection, not the alcohol. So while January is traditionally a month of moderation, it now means we can stay social and drink January dry. Partnering with Alcohol Change UK to become the first-ever official beer of Dry January cements our mission to inspire the world to drink better. Whether you are cutting out or cutting down, you can still enjoy a great drink with friends.”

Dr Richard Piper, Chief Executive of Alcohol Change UK, said: “It’s brilliant to announce Lucky Saint as the Official Beer of Dry January 2022. Dry January offers an outstanding experience to everyone who takes part, whether by downloading the Try Dry app or registering on our website. Dry January is not about giving something up. It's about giving ourselves new choices, resetting our relationship with booze, and improving our physical health and mental wellbeing. Lucky Saint was the obvious choice for us to partner with - a great tasting alcohol-free lager that is leading the way when it comes to quality in the category. We're proud to partner with a brand that is committed to changing the way people think about alcohol-free beer forever.''

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