Following this year’s Pride, we’re shining a light on the breweries and individuals who are creating a more diverse and inclusive beer industry, representing the LGBTQ+ community. 

 lily waite

Lily Waite, Queer Brewing 

Queer Brewing was founded in 2019 by Lily Waite. Lily was Beer Writer of The Year 2020 and is providing fantastic visibility for LGBTQ+ people in and around beer. The brewery has already created over 30 collaboration brews in five different countries, raising thousands for LGBTQ+ charities. They also have their core range of beers - a Pilsner, Witbier, and Pale Ale.

brooklyn stonewall ipa

Brooklyn Stonewall Inn IPA

Brooklyn Brewery began their partnership with The Stonewall Inn Gives Back Initiative in 2017. This charity was inspired by the struggles of the LGBQT+ rights movement born from The Stonewall Inn Uprising of 1969 and provides awareness campaigns, educational programming and fundraising for LGBTQ+ communities. This citrus peel and grapefruit IPA is brewed year round and has already raised thousands of pounds for SIGBI.

queers without beers

Queers Without Beers

Queers Without Beers is an alcohol free LGBTQ+ social group, run in partnership with Club Soda who promote mindful drinking, and the LGBT Foundation. Covid hasn't stopped them from bringing people together, with a series of Zoom Quiz Nights, and a virtual alcohol free tasting in June with Binary Botanical and Wise Bartender UK.

Ren Navarro & Beer. Diversity.

Ren Navarro & Beer. Diversity

Ren Navarro is making a big difference. Founder of 'Beer. Diversity.' which began in 2018 in Canada, Ren is educating and enlightening others about diversity, encouraging everyone in the industry to ‘do better and be better.’ 

Sophie De Ronde


Sophie De Ronde

Sophie De Ronde is head brewer for Burnt Mill Brewery in Suffolk and is the founder of International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day. This is a worldwide annual event that takes place on March 8th of every year in conjunction with International Women’s Day. It welcomes all women working or interested in beer to come together.

Helen Anne Smith

Helen Anne Smith

Helen Anne Smith is the founder of The Burum Collective which is a brilliant hub to meet other people in the beer, wine and cider industries. It shares thought provoking written pieces, educational resources, with a mission to make the drinks industry a better place.


emma inch

Emma Inch

Emma Inch is a great voice within the drinks industry. 
Chair of the Beer Writers Guild, and the winner of many industry awards including Beer Writer Of The Year 2018 and Best Writing on Sustainability in Beer & Pubs 2020. Alongside writing, Emma is involved in tastings, talks, events and podcasts.

By Sinéad Kennard