alcohol-free drinks

Your Acohol-Free Drinks Cabinet

We brew by the belief that choosing alcohol-free shouldn’t mean missing out. We’re lucky to know some brilliant brands who share the same passion - providing quality drinks to rival any alcoholic alternative. 


Every drinks cabinet needs a great AF selection, for moments when you’re off the booze but you’re hankering after an evening G&T, a weekend cocktail or a lunchtime lager. From non-alcoholic aperitifs, booze-free botanical spirits and of course, our 0.5% lager, here are a few must-haves.

Pentire botanical non-alcoholic spirits


Pentire’s plant-based spirits are made by distilling unique plants native to the Cornish coastline. Best served over ice with a light tonic and fruity garnish, the Pentire collection is bursting with botanicals fresh from the South West. Great for an after-work wind down with your feet up. 

Everleaf non-alcoholic aperitifs


Explore Everleaf’s complex non-alcoholic aperitifs; from the bold and vibrant Forest with layers of citrus and spice, to Mountain’s sweet and floral piney juniper, rosehip and black cherry, all ingredients are sustainable and sourced from nature. Bring these out for cocktail hour. 

aecorn alcohol-free spritz


Choose from Æcorn’s three aperitifs: Bitter, Aromatic, or Dry, served with a splash of sparkling water and a slice of something citrusy. Designed for spritzing, mixing and drinking with nibbles, check out their website where you can also find recipes for Bucks Fizz, Nogronis and Cosnos. We love a splash of Aecorn Bitter in Lucky Saint for a Picon Bière style serve. 

premium alcohol-free kombucha


A great alternative to wine and delicious paired with food, Real Kombucha recently won the Sommelier's Choice No & Low Awards. We love their Royal Flush - a fresh and floral brew made from First Flush Darjeeling.

alcohol-free lager


More one for the fridge than the cabinet, our 0.5% Pilsner-style lager is brewed in accordance with German Purity Law - just four high-quality ingredients - no additives or flavourings.  Crisp, refreshing, and tasting of biscuity malts with a smooth citrus finish, an ice-cold bottle hits the spot on any occasion.