The power hour

The Power Hour - start the day strong

Daylight Savings starts this Sunday, with longer evenings and brighter mornings. Whether you're a night owl or an early bird, our 0.5% lager means you can drink in the evening and still enjoy a productive morning routine.

We love health and wellness advocate Adrienne Herbert's concept of a 'Power Hour' - the belief that waking up an hour earlier, and dedicating 60 minutes to ourselves before we begin the day, will help our productivity and allow us to reach our full potential. You can hear her chat to life coaches, creatives and change makers on her podcast, discussing their morning routines and general laws to live by.


Here’s four suggestions for your own power hour, so you can start the day strong after an evening on the Lucky Saint.



Start the day on a high with an endorphin-inducing jog. You don’t need to run for miles to feel the positive effects of the workout – a quick 20 minutes is enough to wake up the body and release serotonin to set you up for the day. 



A key part of recovery for any athletes, but also a relaxing way to ease into the morning after a long night’s sleep. Plus, regular stretching is great for posture – so a good way to counteract a day sitting at the laptop.



Many of us ‘don’t have time to read’ – by the end of the day we’re knackered, and Netflix is far more appealing. So swapping screens for a book or newspaper first thing in the morning could be a much better time to engage the brain, when it’s fully alerted after a restful night.



Once the working day begins, the mind sets off at a million miles per hour and we’re bogged down in to-do lists. By spending 10-15 minutes meditating every morning, you can set the foundations for the day ahead, with boosted energy, calm and focus. If you're a beginner, try using an app like Headspace for some guided meditations.