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'The Lucky Collins'⁣, cocktail recipe by Dishoom

alcohol-free cocktail

We love when friends of Lucky Saint create new serves and spritzes with our lager, and when it's by Dishoom's Daru-Wallas, we know we're onto a winner.

The Lucky Collins is a refreshing alcohol-free cocktail with sweet, citrus and smoky notes. We look forward to enjoying this in their restaurant come June, but for now, try making your own at home. 

'The Lucky Collins'⁣ by Dishoom

25ml fresh lemon juice⁣
15ml maple syrup⁣
30ml Lapsang Souchong tea⁣
150ml Lucky Saint 0.5% lager 

Add all ingredients to a highball or Collins glass, fill with cubed ice and churn briefly with a spoon to mix. Garnish with a wedge of lemon.

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