Emma Heal, Managing director of Lucky Saint 0.5% lager

Women Leading the Alcohol-free Movement

Today is International Women’s Day, so we’re raising a glass to all the inspirational women working in our industry. From beer sommeliers to alcohol-free pioneers, the no and low category wouldn’t be where it is today without its leading ladies. Read on to learn about some of the women at the wheel of the alcohol-free movement.


Laura Willoughby, CEO of Club Soda

Co-founder of global mindful drinking platform Club Soda, Laura is the alcohol-free poster girl, creating a community built towards supporting people on cutting down, taking a break or giving up for good. Based around behaviour change and the power of community, Laura has helped to inspire tens of thousands of people on their mindful drinking journey.


Natalya Watson, beer sommelier

Also known as ‘Beer with Nat’, Natalya runs virtual beer schools, hosts a podcast and is an award-winning Beer Sommelier, with accolades including ‘Best Writing about No & Low Alcohol Beers’ in the British Guild of Beer Writers 2020 Annual Awards. 


Emma Heal, managing director of Lucky Saint 0.5% lager

Lucky Saint's very own Managing Director. Emma is a consumer goods guru with almost 20 years of experience under her belt, from global brands like Diageo to start-ups turned household names like Graze and Innocent. The mum of two girls, Emma is an advocate for championing women in industry, and is an ambassador for Retail Week’s Be Inspired programme and Steering Group Member for The Grocery Girls.


Emma Mcclarkin, Chief Executive of the British Beer and Pub Association

Chief Executive of the prestigious British Beer and Pub Association, the spokesperson for the beer and pub industry, supporting important issues and representing over 20,000 pubs across the UK. The BBPA also recently welcomed Lucky Saint as its first alcohol-free member in its 116-year history. 


Ellie Webb, CEO of Caleno Drinks

The founder of non-alcoholic spirits brand Caleño, Ellie brings joy to non-drinking with her award-winning, flavour-packed tropical spirits - ‘Dark & Spicy’ and ‘Light & Zesty’ - alongside serve suggestions for alcohol-free cocktails.


Malin Norman, beer sommelier
Malin is an international beer judge, a beer sommelier and experienced beer writer, sharing her vast knowledge and expertise in the likes of On Tap Magazine – where one particular article won her the silver award for ‘Best Writing about No & Low Alcohol Beers’.