alcohol-free beers in the park


Today's the day that lockdown laws begin to ease and we can hang out with one friend outdoors - cold lagers and park picnics are the social event of the month, and frankly, we can’t wait. Our 0.5% Pilsner-style lager is sessionable and refreshing, making it the perfect park companion. 

Here’s some of our favourite open spaces to meet a mate for a beer.

 alcohol-free beer in the park


Pick up some lunch on Broadway Market (we love the falafel wraps from Baba Souks) then find a spot to sit in London Fields. Social distancing may be in place but there's always a buzz in the air, with a hubbub of two-by-twos listening to music and drinking beers.

 alcohol-free beer in the park, Bath


A city famous for its beautiful green parks and gardens, the Royal Victoria Park shows off Bath at its best. Take the kids to the adventure playground while you catch up with a friend over a bottle of our 0.5% lager, explore the botanical gardens or set up a picnic blanket by the ponds.


alcohol-free beer in the park, London 


A treasure trove of picnic spots – chill on the hill underneath some shady trees, sip beers by the duck ponds or walk and talk with a lap around the winding pathways. If you’re there on a Sunday, swing by Herne Hill market on your way home for street food, artisanal produce and art & crafts.

 alcohol-free beer on the beach, Brighton


Stock up on Lucky Saint, buy a bag of fish and chips then settle into a spot on this vast pebbled beach. Enjoy an afternoon of people watching, sea breeze and beers while you swap lockdown stories and banana bread recipes.


alcohol-free beer in the park, London 


No park round-up would be complete without Hampstead Heath – a picnicker’s utopia with its rolling hills, woodlands, swimming ponds and stately home - the ultimate escape for urbanites. We recommend finding a bench on the Parliament Hill viewpoint for epic cityscape views - best enjoyed with a cold bottle of Lucky Saint.