Mixed IPA & Lager Cans

Mixed IPA & Lager Cans

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Heritage Brewing For Modern Drinking

Brewed with centuries-old techniques to create a truly modern beer which is left unfiltered for maximum flavour without the alcohol.


    Unfiltered Lager.
    Hazy IPA

  • Alcohol-Free

    Maximum Flavour.
    Without The Alcohol.

  • Low calorie

    Under 59 kcal /330ml

  • #1 Trustpilot

    Best Rated Alcohol-Free Beer

  • Only Natural Ingredients

    No Additives.
    No Flavourings.


Can you get drunk from drinking non alcoholic beer? +-

You cannot get drunk by drinking Lucky Saint. Lucky Saint is 0.5% abv - this is classified as 'alcohol free' in Europe (and therefore in Germany, where we're made) and 'de-alcoholised' in the UK.

Many things we consume daily contain higher trace amounts of alcohol than Lucky Saint, for example an over-ripe banana, fresh orange juice or a piece of rye bread.

Can you drink Lucky Saint and drive? +-

As your blood alcohol content cannot be raised with a 0.5% alcohol content, it is therefore safe to drive and drink Lucky Saint.

Can you drink Lucky Saint whilst pregnant? +-

Under European guidelines, 0.5% is classed as alcohol-free and there's a similar amount of alcohol in everyday items like bananas or even rye bread. However, if you have any concerns we would always advise chatting to your doctor first before consuming non-alcoholic beer when pregnant.

Is Lucky Saint vegan? +-

Lucky Saint is completely vegan friendly - our beer is left unfiltered meaning there is no filtration process using animal products, and we use just four simple, vegan ingredients. Our focus on quality ingredients and our unique brewing process means a great taste and mouthfeel - we don't use lactose or other additives.

Is Lucky Saint gluten free? +-

No, Lucky Saint isn't a gluten free beer - this is due to the Pilsner Malt used in our recipe.

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